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Learn useful locksmith tips that can be practically applied on various types of locks and keys. This information was shared by the experts in the locksmith business. Get to know them by reading down below.


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  • Add grilled bars to your glazed UPVC door

    UPVC doors might increase your security, and if glazed they are also very beautiful. One might think this is the perfect combination, yet it isn't quite so. If the glass isn't covered, a burglar might easily break through and open the door. Avoid it by adding grilled bars. There are some beautiful wrought iron options nowadays, making your door more beautiful and safe at the same time.

  • Keep locks lubricated

    Locks require lubrication. They actually need to be removed and well cleaned before lubrication. This way, they won't be stiff and you'll never have to place force in order to turn the key. You will avoid many problems, including home lockouts, and help the locks to last longer.

  • Get to know electric locks

    Our experts in Balham help you discover the merits of electric locks and find the perfect ones. Most of them work with codes so you can forget about key problems. If you don't want to give up keys yet, choose digital locks with mechanical locks, too.

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