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If you have been searching for useful and unbiased information on locks and keys, you have just found the source which will provide it to you. Here are the answers to some of the questions most frequently asked by customers of our locksmith service. Use everything you learn effectively.

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Are you looking for answers about security matters? Do you have questions about keys or new age electric locks? We try to answer as many questions as possible in order to help you remain secure and updated with innovations. Read our answers to frequently asked questions here.

  • Can a UPVC door lock improve security on outward opening doors?

    Doors and windows that open outward can sometimes be a problem since they can be easily taken off their hinges with the right amount of force. To give them better protection, you should fit outwardly opening UPVC locks on doors and windows with a hinge bold that will give the hinges better support to make sure that they cannot easily be tampered with.

  • What do we do when locks stick?

    When locks stick, they usually need lubrication. Use good quality lubricants or graphite but not in excessive amounts. Spray lubricants in the keyhole. If you also hear clicking sounds, locks might need more than lubrication. Lock repair might be required to fix mechanism problems.

  • Why cabinets need locks?

    Most people use cabinet locks to keep children safe at home. They try to protect them from messing with detergents, bleaches, medicine or sharp tools. Our professionals also recommend file cabinet locks at the office and home so that you can keep valuables out of the reach of strangers.

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